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OptCRM provides ultimate solutions of Pharma Sales Force Automation to world top pharmaceuticals companies with customized modules and 24x7 support.


eDetailing App

Dynamic way to show product and details through App.



Easy to make fencing.



Retail Chemist Prescription Audit.

Impact of Pharma SFA on Management and Marketing

Regular Paper work or excel data management is not a proper solution, companies can not able to centralize all business process as companies have many departments and they have own responsibility, paper work does not give them free hand to analyze and make correction on quick notes. And this is most significant impact between well managed companies as they use Pharma SFA Software like mechanism that easily manage multiple departments at a glance.

Pharma SFA Software and App Modules

OptCRM provides customized pharma app for better uses as many companies have some different marketing pattern and standalone pharmaceutical SFA does not suits to them.

Best Services with Ultimate Pharma SFA Solution

  • Reporting By Web, App, Offline, Online, With GPS, Without GPS all options are available
  • Manage your product detailing through App and Admin Panel
  • Manage Team Hierarchy Through admin panel
  • Admin and user rights through super admin
  • Customized Reporting as per need and deed
  • User Creations from Company Panel
  • Hierarchy Wise Approval
  • Sponsorship Management with Hierarchy Wise

About OptCRM Pharma SFA Software and App : About 450 Pharmaceutical companies are using the services of OptCRM and we are committed to update software as their need. It is based on Java platform and can be used from small to big pharma companies. Over 40000 users are using this app for their respective companies. Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation helps the companies to focus on their marketing not on the papers.

Pharma SFA by OptCRM can be used from anywhere and any size company free to take benefits of ultimate services and software. Training sessions are managed by OptCRM so that phrama companies can easily adopt the system quickly. Physical or online sessions held as per mutually agreed appointment.

No Special Training required for Inventory Implementation

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What are the Modules of Pharma SFA?

  • Daily Call Report : No need to use the outdated stand alone DCR Reporting pattern. OptCRM SFA offers a customized DCR module for fast and effective working that can also help you to enhance business growth. Let us customize your DCR submission for your convenience as every team hierarchy has different role in day to day working and we develop as per your marketing pattern only for you.
  • Expense Management : Expense management of your employees is not a big headache now as with Pharma SFA you can easily manage expenses at one click. Dynamic expense of OptCRM let you free to manage yourself; you can easily incorporate your TA DA policies as per your company policy.
  • Tour Planning : Every company make strategies and implement in their day to day marketing, herewith OptCRM can help you to start Tour Planning via simple approval based system. Every single employee can make their advance tour plan and get approved by their senior managers or admin.
  • Route Planning : Route Planning is little different then tour planning, normally it is used in veterinary sector where many company preferred to supply the medicines along with employee visit as there is lots of distance need to be covered in between two doctor visits. And Route Planning helps the companies to perform both supply and visit action simultaneously.
  • Stock & Sales Management : Stock & sales management is one of the most critical segments that every pharma company need to manage in simple manner. OptCRM Offers customized solution for stock & sales management as very company has different requirement for stock solution and we provide exactly the same that you need.
  • RCPA - Product Survye : RCPA helps the companies to check their month to month presence and prescriptions in the market. Not just a form filling, analysis with different angles only work to find out the accurate result. With our Pharma SFA you can do RCPA in offline mode also.
  • Sample Management : Track you samples distribution with better platform. OptCRM is a fine SFA tool to analyze all kinds of sample distribution and redistribution simultaneously. Fare number of reports helps you to track samples deep inside against each visits.
  • Gift Management : Gift, an investment to grow the business but no analysis make you in trouble as expenditure need control otherwise huge lose defiantly. Lets track and analyze every single gift given by employee or admin with fare number of reports in Pharma Sales Force Automation.
  • Doctor Management : Doctor Management is a huge task for any size of Pharma Company but with the help SFA tool, it is easy to target their Doctor in the field as per company policies. Perfect implementation of policies helps the employees and company to achieve their respective target easily.
  • Chemist Management : Chemist has a significant role in the sales and if you are lacking behind to manage the chemists properly than start new inning to manage chemists with better solutions. OptCRM helps the pharma companies to make better relation though better strategy.
  • Doctor Sponsorship : Sponsorship good or bad depends on your planning and implementation. With the help of OptCRM you can easily manage approval based sponsorship with lots of methods. Start analysis with better platform to find out the health of ROI (return on investment).