Business Growth, Expense Control & Inside Analysis :
Core Benefits

OptCRM helps the companies to findout the better path to explore new business heights.

 Save Tree Save Earth : Option in Hands

Moving on Technology helps you to save tree and save earth. Using Paper for your reporting harm the nature. Let SFA to automate business and helps world to save our nature.

 Save Money – Increase Profitability

Company has lots of benefits and can save a lot of money.
There is no need to use papers for their daily reports.
No need to spend on Courier services.
No Need to travel to head office for report submission.

 Save Time – Most Valuable

Time is Money, everyone knows and SFA helps to work accorning to planning without any hassle.
It is centralized system and live reporting saves your time and money simultaneously.
At one click report will be in your head office
No need to wait for courier delivery or by hand delivery from your staff.

 Instant decision to get better output

No need to wait for days for approvals, SFA automatically channelized your request to all approved hierarchy. No delay better performance, a test path makes job smooth and productive.
SFA helps the companies to track end point issue and let them help the customers and staff with better option without having physical presence

 Any Time Any Where Reporting

Staff can move in field and report from anywhere and anytime. It makes a scene for the companies to boost their field activity better than competitors.

 Tracking and GEO Fencing

Company can track all activity at one go, from the head office location tracking and GEO fencing make companies for tooth full to make instant decisions for the orders.
Easy to track of staff location and day to day activities at a glance.

 Sales Forecasting and Sales planning

Past Sale history and field activities helps to get upcoming sales trend. Let to use the benefits of automated analysis that can make business more profitable.

 No bad scheduling for field activities

Manage appointments and rescheduling on go, helps to get out of the bed or non productive visits in the field and save your hard earned income. Also let the company representative to make better relation with clients.

 Total Sales Team Management

Stay connect with team always helps to take decision quickly and convert the business in favor of company.

 More than a SFA Tool, It is a strategic partner.

Make strategies on paper is not going to help any organization till strategies are not implemented in the organization. SFA automates the strategies till end hierarchy staff and helps the organizations to implement according to realistic way.

The Critics Love Us

"Intuitive and flexible - superb!"
"In a word, this app is innovative."